Running a business is hard work. It takes hours of investment to achieve the success you want.

So it sucks when customers are not there to appreciate it. We know that managing a business is the hardest you will ever work. Unfortunately that is not the lifestyle you want to be living.

It is this exact situation we found ourselves in. We had our independence but none of the freedom. The journey led us to develop marketing that matters. That is marketing that has an impact with your customers and lets you live the lifestyle you want.

In a world of so many fake things, why not build customer relationships that are real? Just do marketing that matters.


The world of online marketing can be super confusing. But it need not be. Just follow these steps to start growing your business through online marketing:


There is almost nothing better than having an awesome vision that you believe in. Build something that gives you clear direction on who you are and why that is significant to your customer.


Your vision needs to immediately descend into a message that resonates with your audience. Text, audio, imagery, video… you need to use it. Amazing content is the foundation of your digital presence.
build your vision

3. Craft Presence

Online marketing gives you so many options. But you can’t and shouldn’t do all of them. Work out how the digital world will enable your vision. Build a site and grow from there!

4. Always Adapt

You have a clear vision, content to match and a presence to convert. Now tell everyone who matters all about it. Try something, see the results and continually adapt.

Always have a plan

It can be difficult to know what to do next. So many options, with no guarantee of success. But a simple process can make sure you are never lost.


Know the options and understand which ones are a best fit for you and your vision.


Make a commitment on the best information you have available at the time.


As your knowledge of your environment improves, continually close the gap between your vision and results.

Plan for a better Future

Want statistics like these for your business? They are absolutely within your reach. How growth is achieved is different for every business. Just contact us to find out how we do it for each unique business.


Increase in Return Users


Increase In Sales


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
We work with small to medium businesses. They resonate with us and we resonate with them.
What Services Do You Offer?
We provide marketing strategy, planning and management. Seleqtive is your gateway to online marketing products.
What type of arrangements do you provide?
We are all about partnerships. We want the best outcomes from our work and really want you to succeed. If you are as passionate about your business as we are about ours, then we will be able to work out the best relationship to be you internal partner.
We are an SME that specialises in marketing strategy. That is our competitive advantage that will let you make the best marketing decisions for your business.

Your livelihood is super important to us. We know what it is like to stake it all on a dream of being independent.

The journey can be tough with plenty of doubts and uncertainty along the way. So thank you for continually pushing the dream of small business.

Need some help along the way to grow your business? Contact us below and let’s see if we are a fit.


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